The Full Story

My name is Tori Danyel

 I Am A Life Designer

I Help People Redesign Their Lives, Gods Way Through Marketplace, Ministry & Missions Work Regionally and Globally.

I Am A Deliverer & Victory Catalyst To People Who Want To Live Liberated & Successful Lives.

I Have A Passion For The Beauty Industry, Agriculture, Business & All Things BIBLE. I Am Sold Out For Jesus.

I Focus On Souls Being Saved & Set Free From Oppression.

I Am A Writer & Author That Writes By The Inspiration of The Holy Spirit.

My Book Series " Walk It Out" Is A 7 Volume Book Catalog That Focuses On Destiny, Assignment, Callings, Gifts & Relationship With God.

I Have Been On My Personal Ministry Journey For 15 years and Don't Plan To Stop As Long As God Is With Me.

I Love Hard and Truly See The God In People. I Believe In You, Before I Meet You. 

I Can't Wait To Life Design Your Next Phase Of Life & Success!


My Vision Is For 3 Pillars Of My Assignment In:

Marketplace | Ministry | Mission to save souls, create businesses that build communities, cities, states and nations and give globally to help people in need through beauty, agriculture, technology and philanthropy. As A Life Designer My Vision Is To Reach One Million People & Encounter Them With Gods Love, Light & Life Through Jesus Christ.