The Savvy Sister Co. Houston

The Healing Room

The Healing Room Is A Special Place For Women To Receive Hands On Mentoring, Coaching & Spiritual Guidance In Every Area Of Life. The Healing Room Is A Private Monthly Retreat For Women To Detox From Past Trauma, Pain, Hurts, Fears, Crisis, Illness, Divorce/Toxic Relationship Cycles, Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Grief & Identity Crisis.

This Weekend Retreat Is Designed To Help You In 3 Pillars of Life.

Past | Present | Future

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Our Mission Is To Help Women Heal Internally, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially, Economically & Financially. Providing Women A Safe Space That Provides Real Lasting Results.

The Savvy Sister Co.

Our Vision Is To Create A Healing Culture For Women That Impacts Their Life, Family, Homes, Community, Business & Careers Through Physical Healing Rooms, Programs, Retreats, Products & Services, Support, Education, Beauty Education & Lifestyle Health & Wellness Activities. 

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